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We are proud to supply and install UV filtration systems as part of our mission to provide healthy water without the use of chemicals. Our systems are designed to be used as a whole house treatment, making every tap in your home safe to drink from. All have been designed in New Zealand and are made in Canada by the world’s largest UV manufacturers and are all approved under NZDWS 2008 standards for residential water treatment.


  • The quality of your drinking water can change from day-to-day, season to season. Even if your tap water is safe today, contaminants can infiltrate your supply and/or your town supply – aging infrastructure can lead to an increased risk of contamination. In fact, boil water advisories are becoming more and more common, even in large cities.
  • Not all water disinfection technologies are created equal. For example, chemicals can be both dangerous to handle and potentially hazardous to the environment – and some waterborne illness-causing microbes are chlorine-resistant.
  • Filters can improve taste, but they generally don’t treat microbiological contaminants.
  • There is an option that addresses all of these issues: ultraviolet (UV) disinfection or UV water treatment. And best of all, UV filtration is a physical process – not a chemical process. Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection of drinking water has been growing steadily in popularity, as people search for a chemical-free solution for ensuring their water is safe from microbiological contaminants.
    UV water disinfection is a safe, chemical-free way to treat water. Even chlorine-resistant microorganisms are made harmless through UV exposure. Lack of chemicals means no harmful chemical by products are going back into the environment, and the taste of your water is not affected in any way.
  • The ultraviolet (UV) treatment process is an extremely quick physical process. Water is disinfected as it runs through a stainless steel chamber (also called a ‘reactor’) containing a UV lamp. As water flows past the lamp, illness-causing microorganisms receive a lethal dose of Ultraviolet light that mutates and/or degrades DNA. DNA (or deoxyribonucleic acid) is the part of the cell that gives an organism its instructions on how to function and reproduce.
  • When the DNA is damaged, the organism becomes unable to function because its “instructions” are garbled or missing. An organism that has no instructions cannot function and reproduce, and cannot cause infection. It is rendered harmless and eventually dies.

Filtration Systems

Our exclusive pricing includes GST, installation and all materials required including extra water line to connect to your pump system. It also includes our support – once your water tank or filtration system has been serviced or installed by us, we are available to you whenever you need further advice or assistance with your water tank.


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