If your tank is cracked or leaking you need to talk to us!

Your water tank is a significant asset and worth maintaining.  Even hairline cracks need to be checked as they can quickly turn into bigger problems.

How do Healthy Water Tanks repair water tanks?
The first thing that needs to happen is a complete drain of the tank.  Once the tank is empty we give the walls and floor a good scrub so we can see exactly what we are dealing with.    A special cement mixture is used to repair interior and exterior cracks.  Next we cement wash the entire tank interior and apply a water proof sealant. After an appropriate curing time the tank is vacuumed and rinsed again to reduce lime/alkaline once the tank is refilled.  The final step before refilling the tank is a rinse with a vinegar based solution to minimise any odour or effect on the fresh water.




Contact us for more information on our process.

What will I do for water in the meantime?
It’s important to note that whilst repairs take place you will be without the use of your water tank for approximately 7 days – weather dependent.  During this time we will set you up with a temporary water supply that can be plumbed in, meaning you can operate your household as usual.

It’s quite a process!  We are happy to help with any general questions and we are also always happy to come out and take a look at your water tank and give you advice specific to your requirements.