Would bathe or wash your clothes & dishes in this or drink it ? It may come as a shock to you but many of you with water tanks already are !


Vacuum only 

This service is most suited to water tanks that have been cleaned within the last 2 years or so, and will only work if the ‘sludge’ is not too prevalent and can be done when there is water in the tank resulting in minimal water loss.  We simply vacuum the bottom of the water tank and remove the sludge.

Drain, vacuum and scrub

This needs to be done when it has been some time between cleans and a vacuum alone is not going to get the job done. There needs to be a small amount of water left in the base of the tank in order for us to get suction for the vacuum part to work. As soon as your tank is sparkling clean we can arrange water delivery and liaise with the drivers to ensure it is perfectly timed to get your water up and running again with minimal down time.

Tank exterior water blasting

Leaving the exterior as sparkling as the inside.